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Why Black Women Avoid Interracial Dating

Despite the bleak statistics regarding Black women and marriage, many Black women still refuse to date non-Black men. Looking back on my own experience refusing to date non-Black guys for years (admittedly after a slew of white and Latino boyfriends), there are a plethora of reasons we tell ourselves for why we should hold out for our Black Prince Charmings. Now that I’m with my own Luscious Latin, I have to say that I am a BIG FAN of Black women stepping out to love whomever makes their heart sing.

I’ll share my top 20 list of reasons why I think so many Black women won’t date non-Black men (in the order they occurred to me).

  1. We’ll have to convince the guy that racism exists.
  2. The sex won’t be good.
  3. People will look at us crazy in public and judge us.
  4. He won’t understand Black Hair.
  5. We’ve accomplished so much and worked so hard. We deserve to be with a Black man.
  6. We’ll have to be politically correct around him.
  7. Our kids won’t look like us.
  8. His family won’t embrace us.
  9. Our family won’t embrace him.
  10. While we’re dating the non-Black guy, we’ll miss out on our Black Prince Charming.
  11. We don’t want to be someone’s fetish or experiment.
  12. He won’t be able to dance.
  13. He won’t be comfortable eating our food.
  14. He’ll date us but he won’t marry us.
  15. He doesn’t share our religious background.
  16. He won’t share our humor.
  17. We won’t be able to bring him around our friends.
  18. He’ll go bald and look weird.
  19. He’ll embarrass us in front of Black people.
  20. He’ll prove to us that our notions of the perfect coupledom are a fallacy.

Girls, why do you think so many Black women refuse to date non-Black men? And what advice do you have for our single Black sisters who are considering it?

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