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Academic Rules For Writing An Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is entirely similar to persuasive speech topics as it is designed to persuade the reader to acquire your point of view. 

A persuasive essay may have a certain opinion or perspective and the argumentative essay develops on it. For instance, persuasive essay arguments that cities should take up more farm programs.



Whereas, in an argumentative essay, you’ll explain why cities should do so and how could they do so. Read this article to make a better understanding of the argumentative essay and how to draft it.

However, students immediately rush to seek help whenever they’re given essay writing assignments. If you’re also asked to write an argumentative essay and you’re seeking help then opting for professional essay writing services is quite a good option. 

Are you curious and thinking “who will write informative speech topics if I hire essay writing services”? Well, your concern is logical but the good news is that your essay will be written by experienced and well educated academic writers. 

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To determine how to write an argumentative essay, go through the below-mentioned steps.

What Is The BasicStructure Of An Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay is all about presenting your arguments about a particular thing in the light of strong and factual evidence to convince your audience to accept your point of view. 

Therefore, if you’re asked to argue for a particular perspective, you’ll need to find the reason for supporting that argument and will collect relevant pieces of evidence.


Present your hook examples or position and describe how you’re going to summarise your point of view in order to persuade your audience that you’re saying the right thing.

Thesis Statement

State your argumentative statement that shows your point of view or perspective. 

Conflicting Statements

Select the most powerful claim against your argument and write them down. Understand that claim and find out why it could be a barrier to your argument and how you can clarify it. 

Frame Of Reference

Explain your point of view with solid evidence and research. Satisfy your audience that you’re holding the right position and your point is the acceptable one. 


Compile your essay and arguments in a precise sentence without introducing anything new.

Tips To Write Your Argumentative Essay 

Writing an essay requires your focus, writing skills, and research. If you do not have any idea of writing but keen to learn and have spare time for it then following the below-mentioned steps will help you to write a rhetorical analysis essay example.

  • Research

Do your proper research that braces your arguments. Make notes of your researched data and do add it wherever you feel the need for counting that data. 

  • Make An Outline

Write down your main points in the form of an outline so that you’ll be able to write in a proper direction.

  • Start Writing

Start writing which purpose/thing/point motivates you the most. Do not think about the order or pattern of the essay. Just start writing. 

  • Check And Correct

Now compile your essay and give it order as per your instructor’s demands. After arranging your essay in proper order, review it, and monitor mistakes. Edit all the errors and content and re-read it again before submitting it. 

  • Selection Of The Topic

Everyone has some likes or dislikes regarding things, opinions, events, etc. Try to pick a topic of your own interest whenever you’re given to write an essay. This technique will help you a lot to produce an effective essay.



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